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Australia has never been closer for USA groups

Flying to Australia has never been easier as direct flight options to Australia continue to grow for USA groups. There are now more than 150 direct flights per week between the North America and Australia, with non-stop connections to Australia from six cities in North America (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Vancouver and Honolulu).  

See below flight route options that will transport your group Down Under in no time:

Direct Flights

From Los Angeles

Duration: Under 15 hours

Los Angeles is the West Coast’s main city for direct flights to Australia, with a wide range of airlines offering frequent flights. American Airlines provides between six and seven flights per week from Los Angeles to Sydney, while Qantas provides five to seven per week from Los Angeles to Brisbane, 10 to Melbourne and between seven to nine flights to Sydney. Virgin Australia provides seven weekly flights from Los Angeles to Brisbane and Sydney, and between three and five to Melbourne. Delta Airlines also provides seven weekly flights to Sydney, while United Airlines provides seven weekly flights from Los Angeles to both Melbourne and Sydney.

From San Francisco

Duration: Under 14 hours 

Qantas provides five to six weekly flights from San Francisco direct to Sydney. United Airlines also provides daily service to Sydney. To get to other Australian cities from San Francisco a connecting flight is required. The most efficient flight routes from San Francisco are via Los Angeles or Sydney.

From Dallas

Duration: Under 18 hours

Dallas connects to all major cities across the USA, and you can get a direct flight to Sydney with Qantas who service six to seven weekly flights.

From Houston

Duration: Under 18 hours

United Airlines provides daily service from Houston to Sydney. From Houston, there are many flights that connect to all major cities across the USA.

From Vancouver

Duration: Under 16 hours

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you may find that flying from Vancouver, Canada is more convenient. Air Canada operates between seven and 10 direct flights to Sydney and Brisbane, and four direct flights to Melbourne each week. 

Sydney Harbour, New South Wales

One-Stop Flights

Via Auckland
This route is attractive for those travelling to an Australian city other than Sydney. Via Auckland, Air New Zealand provides flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston to all Australian major cities. From Los Angeles to Auckland the flight time is approximately 12 hours, and Auckland to Sydney is a short hop over the pond (as we like to call the area of ocean dividing Australia and New Zealand) with a duration of approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes. 

Via Hawaii
From Los Angeles you can easily catch a flight with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines to Honolulu with a flight time of approximately 6 hours and 10 minutes. Hawaiian Airlines and United now offer direct flights from New York to Honolulu with a longer duration of approximately 11 hours 30 minutes. 

From Honolulu, you’ll start your Australian adventure by jumping on a direct flight to Sydney or Melbourne with a duration of approximately 10.5 hours. Hawaiian Airlines offer three weekly flights to Brisbane and seven to Sydney. Qantas service five weekly flights from Hawaii to Sydney.