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Innovative Approach: BCEC

The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) has been delivering outstanding international business events for more than 20 years. And its world-class reputation has been independently confirmed ­– in 2016 it was named the World’s Best Convention Centre at the Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Convention Centres in Nantes, France.


The awards are an international benchmark for industry excellence, determined by client evaluations and independently assessed by global market research organisation Ipsos.

According to Alison Gardiner, BCEC Director of Sales – Conventions, “It immediately conveys the superior quality and experience we offer. To be the World’s Best Convention Centre – particularly when it is such a stringent award based on client feedback – really speaks to a level of outstanding excellence.”

This latest accolade adds to the 160 industry awards the BCEC has already received. In 2014, it was also widely praised for hosting the ‘best ever’ G20 Leaders’ Summit. According to Gardiner, the BCEC’s consistent success comes down to three main factors: “One is our experience. We have been doing this for a long time and have seen almost every kind of event, from an EQUITANA through to the G20, from 8,000 packed plenaries down to small corporate lunches. I think the second thing is our staff have been with us for a long time, so we have this wonderful combination of experience and corporate memory. And I think the third factor is that we have a culture of constant innovation. This is the magic trifecta.”

Nourish Mentality menu, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

In keeping with this innovative approach, the BCEC has just launched the Nourish Mentality menu for health-conscious delegates. As BCEC Executive Chef Martin Latter acknowledges, “We are blessed in Queensland with an abundance of amazing produce full of freshness and intensity of flavours. We have harnessed all that freshness and goodness for our new Nourish Mentality menu for those wanting a healthier dining experience during their conference.”

In an Australian and Asia Pacific first, the BCEC is establishing a dedicated kitchen that will prepare special dietary meals, catering for cultural, medical and lifestyle requirements. Latter continues, “With 20 per cent to 30 per cent of all meals now the subject of dietary requests, it is a growing trend and a challenge for venue catering. We’re establishing a dedicated dietary kitchen – which will be the first in an Australian convention centre – where all meals will be tested and validated with the help of our consultant nutritionist.”