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Discover what you don't know about meeting in Australia

Australia has long been known as a great place to meet. A country like no other, Australia engages, challenges, provokes and transforms. Australia changes the way you think, encouraging people to discover new ideas, concepts and ways of looking at the world.

And many people agree. Australia has a distinguished track record of hosting large-scale events and international conventions, confirmed by International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) statistics.

As one of the world's leaders in business, science and medicine, Australia is already the natural venue of choice for many high profile conferences. Australia also hosts a number of international exhibitions and trade shows every year in a wide range of industries, from medical and manufacturing, to agribusiness and finance.

Australia means business

  • Australia’s AUD$208 billion agribusiness sector feeds more than 60 million worldwide. Our global competitiveness is being greatly advanced by exciting new locally developed technologies, including intelligent transport and food packaging solutions, advanced farm management and breeding programs.
  • The world’s most resilient economy, Australia has around AUD$1.3 billion in funds under management and one of the most sophisticated and liquid debt and equity markets. With the largest investment fund assets pool in Asia, and the fourth largest in the world, Australia’s financial services companies now have a truly global footprint. The industry is the fourth largest sector in the Australian economy, contributing AUD$81 billion or 8.1 percent of gross domestic product in 2007-08.
  • Home of the bionic ear and the world’s first cancer vaccine, Australia’s biotechnology sector was recently ranked second in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit, and first as a location for conducting clinical trials. Our medical devices, another industry sector, are also world-renowned for their innovation, quality and diversity, with research and development’s solid links to the precision engineering industry.
  • Australia’s information and communication technologies industry has a global reputation in a diverse range of specialties, including telecommunications, security, e-commerce, wireless networking, intelligent transport systems and digital content. It is also a world leader in the provision of government technology solutions, eLearning and IT services.
  • The reputation of Australians as innovators is reflected in our advanced manufacturing industries, our fastest growing export sector. Australia gave the world the black box flight recorder, the bionic ear, the ultrasound scanner, polymer banknotes and a host of innovations in renewable energies, medicine and more. Across all industries, we are known the world over for the design, safety and reliability of our products, and the ability to link in with Australia’s world-leading research and development sector.