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Connecting the Australian industry with key international markets

Business Events Australia is a Tourism Australia business group dedicated to promoting Australia internationally as a business events destination. To support the Australian business events sector’s growth, Business Events Australia creates opportunities for industry to do business with international buyers around the world. Sign up to receive Business Events Australia's monthly newsletter or contact us to find out how we can help you reach our key international markets.

Attracting Business Events to Australia - A Guide for the Australian tourism industry
Tourism Australia and Austrade have released the latest edition of Attracting Business Events to Australia, a guide outlining Australian Government assistance to industry during the event bidding and marketing process.

Tourism 2020
The Tourism 2020 initiative aims at putting the sector well on track to achieving its target of $16 billion annually by the end of the decade. For more about Tourism 2020 please take a look at our latest Tourism 2020 Business Events Sector Quarterly Progress Report.       

Working with Business Events Australia

Business Events Australia provides opportunities for the Australian business events industry to meet and do business with qualified buyers around the world and in Australia. Take a look at the Working with Business Events Australia factsheet and trade events calendar outlining these opportunities.

Business Events Market Profiles
From business events trends to tips on planning a visit to market, Tourism Australia's dedicated business events market profiles provide key insights that will assist industry in conducting business in the China, New Zealand, North America and UK/ Europe markets. The business events market profiles will be released bi-annually.

Consumer Demand Project

A major international business events research project into how corporate business events decision makers view Australia, and the factors that motivate them to choose the destination for corporate events, was undertaken by Tourism Australia. The findings show that the perception of Australia as a quality destination in the international markets is 'high' and that it rates extremely well from a business events perspective in all 11 key markets. For those who have visited, Australia delivered strongly. The raw appeal of Australia, its environment and its people along with specific business opportunities, service levels and above average business event facilities are significant competitive advantages. Take a look at a summary of the Consumer Demand Project.

An additional survey of business events agents was conducted with the results combined with those of the corporate decision makers. Take a look at the summary here.  

Association delegate behaviour research
Tourism Australia has recently conducted new international research that examines the ‘path to purchase’ behaviour of potential international association conference delegates and reveals the best channels and messages to use in order to convince them to travel to Australia for their association event.

A key insight from the research is that the conference website is the most important channel for delegates and it plays an integral role throughout the decision making process. By having informative and inspiring content on Australia on the conference website, it can greatly influence a delegate’s decision to travel.

The research also indicates that the ‘ideal’ conference for international delegates is one that balances professional outcomes with strong destination appeal. This is great news for Australia, as it competes strongly on the world stage, ranking #1 on scenery, sight-seeing, being a destination worth travelling to, and being an exciting destination for conferences. Take a look at the research here

Insights into the business events industry
In 2011, Tourism Australia, together with our partners, commissioned research to understand the perceptions about Australia in four core international markets. Three factsheets provide a summary of the core findings:

China - success by association
China - corporate incentives and business events. An incentive for progress
Selling business events in the international market