Top Reasons for Visiting

Inspiring team building experiences
Australia offers inspiring team building opportunities in spectacular surroundings. Take part in a sailing regatta or hit the beach for a surf lifesaving demonstration. Learn about traditional Aboriginal beliefs and practices in the Outback or explore an ancient tropical rainforest. Australia offers a vast range of unforgettable experiences which will inspire and re-energise your team.

A dream destination
When more than 20,000 people from 20 countries were asked in 2010 which country they would most like to visit if money was no option, Australia was the most common answer in the annual Anholt Nation Brands Index.

Excellent business facilities
Australia has a proven track record of hosting successful business events and with ongoing investment in its business events infrastructure, it will continue to provide business and incentive delegates with exceptional facilities.

Outstanding food and wine
The quality, abundance and freshness of Australian produce results in some of the finest dining in the world. Revel in delicious Thai, Cantonese, French, Italian, modern Australian cuisine and more at restaurants, cafes and bars across the country. Savour the award-winning wines that Australia exports around the world.

Environmentally-friendly venues
Australia has long been a pioneer in sustainable practices. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre was the first convention centre in the world to be awarded a 'Six Star Green Star' environmental rating. Several other Australian convention centres have achieved environmental certifications such as the EarthCheck Certification for environmentally sustainable reduction in carbon footprints by the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre and the Adelaide Convention Centre. Around Australia, eco-friendly accommodation is proving that luxury can be experienced without adversely impacting on the environment.

Gorgeous weather
Even in winter, you can enjoy blue skies and pleasant, sunny days in Australia. Its attractive climate makes it an ideal travel destination throughout the year.

Friendly locals
'G'day' isn't just a cliché in Australia - people will often greet you this way, whether you're walking in a national park or strolling into a shop. And they mean it. In 2010 Australia was ranked the second friendliest country in the world in the annual Anholt Nation Brands Index.

A place of inspiration
Australia's diverse influences, from its ancient Aboriginal heritage to the cultural riches its inhabitants have brought to Australia from all over the world, have resulted in a nation that's lively and energised. In Australia's exciting cities and immense open spaces, under its clear blue skies and amongst its extraordinary natural wonders, ideas thrive and freedom leads to innovation. It's the perfect place to do some fresh thinking.

Great service
With a relaxed but proactive and efficient work environment, Australia is experienced in handling events of all sizes with friendly and passionate local staff who go the extra distance to ensure the perfect event execution.

Secure location
Australians pride themselves on their diversity and hospitality; there will always be a point of connection wherever you go. Australia has a great range of things to do and see all within a safe and stable environment.