Rotary International Convention (RICON23) opening ceremony, Melbourne, VIC © Rotary

Rotary International Convention (RICON23) 

“The great attraction of Melbourne was not only the convention facilities which are excellent, the transport links which are very good but just the size of the city. It provides a good opportunity for delegates to move around and engage with each other, because that’s very valuable. Melbourne is a perfect size of city for a convention of our size. And I’ve been very impressed by the local Rotarians who have been able to give this convention a uniquely Australian flavour.”

- Gordon McInally, President-Elect for Rotary International

Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, VIC © Stewart Donn

Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria © Stewart Donn

Rotary Opening Ceremony, Melbourne, VIC © Rotary

Rotary Opening Ceremony, Melbourne, Victoria © Rotary

Rotary Polio Walk, Melbourne, Victoria © Rotary

Rotary Polio Walk, Melbourne, Victoria © Rotary

Melbourne, VIC © Roberto Seba

Melbourne, Victoria © Roberto Seba

“Melbourne Convention Bureau and their partners have been exceptional. We do this event all around the world sequentially every year and I can't tell you what a difference it makes when we have a strong destination marketing organization partner - MCB ticked all of those boxes. They were incredibly knowledgeable, incredibly helpful, incredibly successful in helping to understand what our needs were and delivering on them."

- Shannon Watson, Director of Meetings and Events for Rotary International